God is NOT in Quarantine


Working from home.

Loss of momentum from canceled events.

Financially frozen in light of uncertain times.

Historical headlines of fear, disease, and empty arenas.

Around the globe, people are in the same boat, yet living in isolation.


A sinking economy.

Hungry children.

Empty church pews.

Infected family members dying alone.

Worlds are being turned upside down as busy schedules are being transformed into empty, monotonous days.

Time used to pass quickly with a distracted mind…now the minutes are painfully slow.

Life might seem like it is on pause for the unforeseeable future, but TAKE HEART.

God is not in quarantine.

He is not hanging out on His throne watching Netflix.

He is not wringing His hands in worry about Coronavirus and its impact on the world.

Even though it all seems so unsure and scary right now, remember that we have a God who is not afraid of this world.

Jesus entered into the mess of humanity long ago in Bethlehem.

Since then He has been pursuing the hearts of all people, drawing them closer to Him.

For God, nothing has changed.

“So do not fear, for I am with you;
do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

-Isaiah 41:10

No one is really alone.

He is holding the hand of the “infected” grandfather as he takes his last breath in isolation.

He is bringing peace to the single mother who is surviving at home with her four children.

He is comforting the hysteric person who can’t stop reading about conspiracy theories.

He is hanging out with the bored teen scrolling through tiktok for endless hours.

Whether you are worried, bored, anxious, stuck, afraid, or sick…

God is with you.

He is strengthening you.

Helping you.

Whether or not you feel or want His presence, He is there.

So in this time of uncertainty and information overload, put down your device and soak up His presence. Be in His word. Reflect. Ask Him what He wants you to learn.

And know that no matter your current state, He is holding you up.

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2 thoughts on “God is NOT in Quarantine

  1. Thank you for your message of hope. One of the blessings we have received is that Christ Lincoln is live streaming there sermons. We can view sermons at all three locations and have listened to some of them a couple of times.
    We have especially appreciated your brother’s sermons as we do not go to Room 211, but love his messages. They touch our hearts in such a special way. I have a post card of your family (minus one) by my computer and a picture of you all four above my kitchen sink. I often send up a prayer for your family when I glance at them. May God keep you healthy. God be with you. When we are weak, He is strong.


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