When you Support a Missionary Family

When you support a missionary family, it’s not like sending money for Christmas and birthday gifts.

Sending money to a missionary is not about relieving stress about bills or rent.

The purpose is not to put food on their table and clothing on their backs.

It has very little to do with living in comfort or discomfort.

Missionary families are likely not professional fundraisers, and they are likely not interested in exploiting relationships for cash.

In fact, the more a missionary works at fundraising does not equate to a “better” or “wealthier” lifestyle.

Financially supporting a missionary family actually has very little to do with the family itself.

It’s about sending the light.

It’s about enabling an entire family to be able to live in another country, focused on sharing the hope of Jesus.

It’s about them being committed full-time to build meaningful relationships and love others unconditionally.

It’s about bringing their time and talents overseas to help others.

It’s about an opportunity for you to use your finances to be a part of God’s mission without having to learn a language and hop on a plane yourself.

Because THAT is what missionaries are called to do. And they probably love doing it.

Yes, missionaries were designed to be crazy enough to leave the familiar for the unfamiliar. To be outcasts with strange accents sharing God with taxi drivers and teen moms. To build meaningful relationships with the man who sells chicken at the local market and the expat surfer who eats breakfast at the neighboring restaurant every morning.

Missionaries live for building relationships, teaching, taking risks, traveling, living without air conditioning and hot water (okay maybe that’s not what they LOVE, haha, but discomfort is often part of the package!).

So the next time you hear a missionary present or receive a letter asking for funding, PRAY for them.

They need prayer to do what they were called to do. Pray for all the people they encounter on a daily basis.

Then prayerfully consider signing up for regular giving, and NOT because you like them or feel bad for them because they are living abroad with young children.

Do it for the cashiers, students, neighbors, and hundreds of other people who will be touched by the Gospel.

Do it for the kingdom.

Shine the light.

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One thought on “When you Support a Missionary Family

  1. We are so blessed to be able to assist your ministry financially. Can’t wait until you can return to CR to continue your work with youth, especially. But we know God has a plan for you as you do outreach in California.


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