Be Still

Ah yes, we are finally settling back into our sweet Costa Rican home after our first furlough in the States.

During those short six weeks, our family stayed in different 12 houses, drove 5000 miles to visit 6 states, and presented at 12 congregations.*

*With a toddler.

God has been so good and I am grateful for the relationships that we have. But let’s be real…

This momma is TIRED.

Almost every sermon, conversation, and even training session seemed to address the importance of resting in the Lord.  Being in His presence. SLOWING DOWN.

And it convicted me just as much as it annoyed me.

Easing back into the mission field, our family has one major goal for the year:


When our sending organization Mission of Christ Network (shoutout!) interviewed us to help us reflect our our past year and prepare for the next, they diagnosed us with overdoing-it.

All the time.

Even on our furlough.

I’ve always prided myself in my ability to be productive and accomplish lots of tasks, but they were right–it had gone too far.

The prescription?

Be still and know that I am God– Psalm 46:10

But how can I be still when I have 60-80 kids and their families to minister to…and my house needs to be cleaned…and don’t forget the two-and-a-half-foot tall human relying on me for all her needs?

And then it hit me: God is going to accomplish his purpose whether or not I kill myself trying to do it.

Even Jesus had to sneak away to have quiet time to rest in the LORD– and He’s JESUS!!!

So we made a plan to simplify our schedule and FORCE more rest time. Naps are allowed.   An hour or more of time in the Word is encouraged. Work can and will wait.

As difficult as it was, we only worked for two short days when we got back, and then retreated to the mountains for four days to escape WiFi and the work that had piled up while we were gone.

I will be honest, it was hard for my pride to leave for a vacation. After all, I had WORK to accomplish that NO ONE else could do (see the pride?).

The result?


After soaking up the presence of the Lord and His word,  hiking together as a family,  and pushing Aubree in a swing for an hour while she watched the chickens, we were renewed, refocused, and ready to hit the ground running.

IMG_3355.JPGYes, we returned to much work to be done, but continue to prioritize our sabbath and time with the Lord. It is not easy because we love what we do and there is a lot of work, but it is so good because God is transforming

And the best part is that our work is already becoming more joyful and focused! Plus- whenever the spiritual warfare gets real, we have already been sharpening our sword and polishing our armor, so it is not nearly as blindsiding.

I would love to write more, but I think I am going to catch a snooze in my hammock before working this afternoon… 🙂


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