First Week of Classes

Last week we met our kiddos and got to work with them for the first time. What a joy!

On Wednesday night, Ethan was in Tárcoles with the younger kiddos in the program. He taught a bilingual tour guide class as well as card games. Spoons was a blast! He taught the same classes to the teens on Friday in Jacó.

I enjoyed teaching hip hop and improvisational theatre classes to teens in Parrita on Thursday and Jacó on Saturday. Although I am not good at math, it didn’t take long to figure out:

Hot HOT Weather + Dance – Air Conditioning = SWEEEEEEAAAAAAAT for Days

We are looking forward to learning all of the names of the kiddos and developing deeper relationships with them.


In the meantime… Aubree is enjoying being passed around by our neighbors (who are basically one big family). Don’t worry–she is not starved for attention. 😉

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