I’ve been standing at the edge of the water…

Yes, having an oceanfront view from our apartment has resulted in a daily (if not hourly) singing of the Moana soundtrack.

Even Aubree looks out to the ocean longingly, and often cries until we take her for a little stroll by the water. She’s our little Moana!

There are actually a lot of parallels with this new Disney classic and our current situation.

It was not that long ago that we were in the States, working full-time jobs, and living the life that we always imagined we were intended to live.

It calls me. 

The Lord called us to work with Seeds of Hope, so we sold all of our belongings, moved out of our house, and spent a month living out of people’s homes and presenting to different churches to raise funds.

Moana jumped on that boat, having no clue where the ocean was taking her. The only thing she held on to was the undeniable fact that she was called.

Here we are, in Costa Rica, and our work has only begun. Just like Moana didn’t know how to sail, we sometimes don’t feel prepared.

But the LORD provides all that we need.

The ocean provided Moana with good ol’ Demi-god Maui (you’re welcome).

In the same way, we are being prepared every day by the people God places in our lives.

So our Spanish isn’t perfect, our daughter is not totally acclimated to the weather, there is heat rash for days, and we are awkwardly learning the culture, but it is not OUR responsibility to accomplish His work.

HE will give us the skills. HE will provide what we need. HE will accomplish the tasks at hand.

Sing it with me… you know you want to! ❤

¡Pura Vida!

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