Well, the inevitable happened… we moved out of our house.

It is entertaining, really, what one can encounter in the process of downsizing and sorting through ALL of their things.

Childhood projects, old love letters, pictures from actual cameras (you know, the ones with film), Pokemon cards, long lost socks.

As Ethan and I sorted and sorted and sorted through our memories, the nostalgia led us to both laughter and tears.

It felt like we were mourning the loss of a part of our life that we would never get back.

A particularly emotion-provoking find was an inspiration binder I had put together for rough days of school. It contained notes/pictures from my students at SCHS.


Even in the midst of our intense time crunch and deadline, I couldn’t help but soak up the pages of what my former students had written.

Those relationships matter so much to me, and reading their words made me want to drop this whole mission thing and stay forever.

In the midst of emotion, I was reminded of the words from Ecclesiastes 3… there is a time and a season for everything.

During our short season in Schuyler, we learned how to plan lessons, organize and prioritize our time, somehow manage a classroom of teens, and value relationships.

I am grateful for the things I have learned from my students in the past four years. However, this is a season that is ending, and there are many more to come.

So thank you, former students, for all you have taught me. Know that my inspiration binder with YOUR words and work will serve as an encouragement when I need it the most in this next season.




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